A World Created by Makers

I have always been fascinated by innovation. I’ve even spent the last ten years working at the Henry Ford, a museum and outdoor village dedicated entirely to innovation. It struck me as I watched Everything is a Remix how the innovators I grew up with were actually makers. People like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison did not create original ideas. Instead they took existing ideas and transformed them into something better.

I chose to base my WeVideo on this idea of transformation. Originally, I was going to heavily feature the Lumiere brothers and their films. After I had spent about two hours remixing Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, I discovered the common usage license I had been using was incorrect. Under French Law, the author has copyright protection for 70 years after his death. As it turns out, the Lumiere brothers will still have their copyright until 2018. My first video was shot and it gave me a valuable lesson. Don’t use videos unless you are 100% positive they are in the public domain.

After that, I decided to focus on my hometown legend, Henry Ford. He didn’t invent anything, he simply transformed ideas into a way that made the car a part of our every day lives. He was a maker. His ideas changed our world and inspired other makers to create businesses and industries modeled after the car. A whole new world was created by these makers.

I spent several hours remixing public domain videos and images. I came out with my first attempt and I was proud of it. It was my first video after all. After I watched it a few times, I realized it wasn’t very good. My first draft (Found Here) came to a jarring halt in several places and just didn’t seem to link the ideas all that well. Despite spending all that time working on it, I decided to scrap it and start anew.

I took what I had learned from two failure and I transformed my ideas into my final video. I present to you A World Made by Makers 2.0, a Chris Rivard Presentation.


List of Sources

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